Meet Kady Lindback | C.A.I. Denver Sales

Kady Lindback

Tell us about your past work experience | education:
I was studying photography & culture in Florida when I received a scholarship to Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design.

It was upon moving to Colorado that I decided to change my focus to interior design. In 2010, I graduated with my BFA in Interior Design with an emphasis in Sustainable Methods.

I have since been working in and out of the design world, and it feels great to be back!


So you’re originally from Florida?
I grew up along the Gulf Coast of Florida, in Cape Coral. Growing up near the water is a very dear part of my childhood.

What is/was your most rewarding project and why?
The most rewarding projects are always the ones that require you to dig the deepest to find an appropriate solution. I enjoy a challenge and having my hand in a project that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

How would you characterize your design style?
My design style is very eclectic. I’m a definite mix of progressive retro and bohemian funk. I also love antiques. I like a piece that’s had 10 lives before making it into my hands; things with a story.

In your experience working at C.A.I. Designs thus far, what is/are some of your favorite product lines and why?
I’m really digging Taracea, Cisco Brothers and Palecek. Each of them have a very disctinctive look, yet can fall into a laid-back, “California Cool” cohesion. I’m a sucker for the Cali look.

What is your favorite color?
This is a real brain-buster, because my favorite color changes like the wind changes direction. I’ve recently been into this very specific and dynamic shade of pale blue, that I lovingly refer to as “cloud”.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I like to involve myself in various creative pursuits. I love to write, and I’ve been working on a book of short stories for some time.
I also enjoy refinishing furniture, collecting albums on vinyl, gardening, supporting local music and restaurants, and traveling.

What is your favorite food?
How am I to choose just one?! Cheese is life–the stinkier the better. I am also obsessed with Alfonso mango and avocado (A.K.A., nature’s butter).

Where do you draw your inspiration from? Is there anything you do to get you inspired when you hit a slump?
I draw inspiration from myriad sources. I’ve always felt like I was from different era, so I tend to draw inspiration from classic movies and TV sitcoms, as well as current trends I see in Western Europe and Scandinavia. I love mixing elements of new and old, or putting a new spin on something that’s otherwise outdated. Laverne & Shirley and Mary Tyler Moore have always been monumental inspirations for me, in all capacities of life.

If you are at the Denver Design District, be sure to stop in C.A.I. Designs and say Hello! Contact Kady at (303) 282-8100 x6970 or


A Few of Our Favorite Things


A Few of Our Favorite Things


Denver May Launch

Thank you to all who attended this years May Launch at the Denver Design District. It was a packed house as Jeff Lindquist of Hubbardton Forge gave an educational CEU on sustainability. Hubbardton Forge also raffled off a modern table lamp!Jeff Lindquist and staff 

With anticipation for Springs arrival, floral arrangements were custom created and displayed throughout the showrooms. Some of the arrangements were raffled off. Congratulations to our winners!

Blog Post-FlowerWinners

Raffle Winners Kristie Dinner and Chalea Fields

The evening continued with cocktails & hors d’oeuvres to end the days events. Thank you to all the guests who stayed throughout the day to make our evening a successful and relaxing end of the night!

Click Here to view all photos from the day’s event. We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

A few of our favorite things – The bar


bar cabinet

For more information, visit Old Biscayne Designs, or contact your local showroom.

A few of our favorite things

Amanda Veller Chicago

Visit your local C.A.I. Designs Showroom, or meet Amanda in person in our Chicago Showroom to answer any questions you have.

Hubbardton Forge Spotlight

Blog-designer-fykes.jpg                                                                                        Congrats to Robbie Distributors and Designs in Highland Ranch, CO, for the latest featured Designer Spotlight at Hubbardton Forge. Cyndi Fyke, owner and designer featured Hubbardton throughout this home project, including the 7 arm chandelier.

After attending a workshop in our CAI Designs Showrooms, Cyndi was reminded about the quality and design, inspiring this project.

Read the complete designer spotlight here.

The New Year is looking BRIGHT

Celesse Pendant

Look on the bright side in 2017 – Hubbardton Forge introduces the Celesse Pendant. With adjustable rings hung from two steel cables, the Celesse constellation can be personalized with soft gold or vintage platinum for the rings, and standard steel finish or the new gloss white for the core. What a beauty!

Celesse Pendant

Finalist_ColorNot only do we think that this pendant is amazing, but so does the Architect & Design Community who voted for this product in the Interior Design’s Best of Year Award…AND WON IT!


The Interior Design’s Best of Year is the design industry’s premiere design awards, honoring the most significant work of the year as well as recognizing designers, architects and manufacturers from around the globe. Now celebrating its 11th year, Interior Design’s Best of Year (affectionately known as BoY) has become the ultimate measure of excellence, showcasing what’s happening today in every category of design while simultaneously setting the design bar even higher for the future.

A Sneak Peek into Currey & Company

Currey & Company’s “vision” is to create and fulfill the desire for distinctive home furnishings. They are best known for their lighting products but they also design and sell interior furniture.

Currey & Company take great pride in their products and it is reflected in the beauty of the rooms that are designed with their products, as well as the care they take into producing great products and showcasing them.

Let’s take a look at a recent blog post by Currey, “Design Heightens Romance”. Such a beautiful example of how the products within a room can set the mood; from the lighting, to wall color, to an end table. An example of this is portrayed in the hit movie, “The Holiday”. Two rooms designed for two different characters experiencing different worlds. A few of the beautifully crafted pieces designed by Currey were represented within these rooms. Make sure to take a moment to read this POST.

Did you know that Currey has short videos that show details and workmanship of their products? It’s not easy to see the interior of a product in a still photo. Take a closer look at some of the videos available. Just another example of the extensive detail that goes into the design of their products.


And finally hear from the president of Currey & Company himself with this behind the scenes podcast provided by Million Dollar Decorating.


Beautiful products, created by a beautiful company… Currey & Company!

Holiday Inspirations with Candice Olson

Thank you to all who attended the annual “Holiday Inspirations” at the Arlington Design Center featuring renowned designer and TV personality, Candice Olson.


L to R: Kay Para, Ilene Chase, Candice Olson and Randy Heller


The crowd awaits for Candice to arrive

Over 200 guests enjoyed a special presentation in the C.A.I. Designs warehouse, where guests entered through a specially designed vignette featuring some of Candice Olsons fabrics and wallcoverings. The evening continued with an open bar and passed hors d’oeuvres and carving station from Elegante Catering.

The concept of Holiday inspirations was not only created to thank our clients for a great year, but also to inspire guests with creative ideas that you use for entertaining during the holidays in your own home. Below is the vignette in the C.A.I. Designs Showrooms, created by the showroom staff.

A Red Carpet step and repeat banner stood in the center for guests to share the special event.

We thank our clients for a great year and look forward to a prosperous and Happy New Year! Cheers!